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Nursing Changing Area 

From necessity came the idea of implementing a Nursing/Changing Area at our Market. We believe in supporting families, especially mothers that while going on the breastfeeding journey sometimes feel like they are not included in social activities. At the Point Loma Farmers Market we offer a space where woman can go to comfortably feed their babies and families can also use the changing station to their advantage.  

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Our Mission

Every week we intend to bring new content with information that can help mothers and parents. We are working to have professionals come and share their knowledge from breastfeeding, newborn classes, doulas, cooking for babies and kids and many more.  

We intend to expand this idea to multiple Farmers Markets as well open air Events, making it possible for families to feel more welcome and worry free when attending outdoor activities.  

Our organization Devoted to Youth Foundation is working on sponsorships or donations so we can make this happen.   

Send us a message if you would like to sponsor or donate to our nursing changing area 

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